Why does Calvary Bible Church need your financial support?

For the last four years Calvary has rented space with a lease that was designed to escalate, which allowed Calvary the needed time to grow and establish. The current lease term is ending this year and after reviewing all options we believe that securing a permanent location is in our best interest.    We are searching for a space that would greatly support our vision and needs, and have secured bank financing with personal donations and the required commitments needed for a down payment.  This gives us a great start; however more is needed in order to build our new church.  We need your support, and this is why we need a capital campaign.

Why should you consider pledging to the capital campaign?

We are so thankful for everyone that has has attended worshiped, served, and given to Calvary Bible Church. We see this as an opportunity to make a greater commitment to our church body. Financially supporting our church is an opportunity for all members of Calvary to assist with our growth by securing a permanent location.  This opportunity has three major areas of commitment for us to be successful. First, the total congregation praying for wisdom, discernment, and God’s favor on this large undertaking.  Second, if you are not a tither or have not committed to including Calvary in your planned giving, now is the perfect time to review your finances, study scripture for guidance, and pray for discernment for the level of your weekly or monthly financial offering.  Third, many of you have faithfully given and included Calvary in your financial plan and that is a tremendous blessing.  We are asking that you pray about providing additional support for the building fund that will help us secure a new facility.  We know this will be a sacrifice and without your current commitment we would not be able to even consider this opportunity, and with that we are deep grateful.


What does giving to building fund require of me and my family?

We are asking that you fill out the form below.  This pledge will provide the church with an accurate budgeting tool to secure the bank financing, build realistic budgets for the next few years, and provide you with a document to discuss your gift and provide a clear plan. We are asking that the pledge be fulfilled by  June 1, 2017.

What are the next steps after I give my pledge?

After completing the online pledge form we will provide updates on the church’s website and our social media sites as to our milestones and progress.

Pledge Form

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